Understanding Wildlife and the Need for Humane Removal

squirrelAs homes and people continue to encroach further into forests and natural animal domains, the need for denver squirrel removal ad  animal removal services continues to rise. It only makes sense that wild animals would come into human living spaces when they are so closely living with one another.

It isn’t uncommon for displaced animals to wander in and make their own living quarters inside the homes of people. To them it is no different than making a home in a tree or a cave.

Some of the most common creatures to take up residence in human homes are bats and squirrels. For bats, the dark, generally unused, areas of a house, such as attics and sometimes basements, are the perfect compensation for their natural habitat. Squirrels, on the other hand are opportunistic by nature. They see a hole in a tree that isn’t being currently used, they move in, they see a quiet attic that no-one bothers, they take up residence.

Many times when wildlife moves into human domains they cause problems for the homeowner. Bats don’t usually tend to bother anyone, but their guano can become a nuisance pretty quickly. Not only can it pile up to the point of fracturing wooden beams and floors, but it can also make residents sick. Children are generally the first to start not feeling well. While they aren’t usually considered a dangerous animal, bats can create dangerous situations for humans. Bats have also been known to carry certain diseases that can, on the right occasion and in the right circumstance, be transmitted to humans. Bats also typically live in groups or “clusters”, therefore the possibilities of any issues grows with every new addition.

batSquirrels don’t commonly live in communities, but can occasionally they will take up residence in the same area if circumstances call for it. The biggest issues most people have with squirrels living in their homes are mostly the fact that squirrels are rodents, basically rats, just not often as feared. Squirrels have a tendency to act like the common rodent in that they will raid food storage, dig and chew into wood and cardboard, causing just about the same problems that the bats would cause.

Squirrels also tend to scurry around, often frightening people. While they don’t generally attack or bite people, they will when scared or cornered. Very often it takes a professional, or a team of professionals to remove either squirrels or bats, along with any other creature that might take up residence in human homes.